Flax crafts custom search solutions for clients in a wide range of sectors including biotechnology, e-commerce, government, legal, news and media and recruitment.

We developed Luwak, a blazing-fast open source stored query engine for media monitoring and other data-intensive applications.

Our experts can improve performance, tune relevance, and provide support and training for Elasticsearch and Lucene/Solr.

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Search Solutions 2017 review

Search Solutions is one of my favourite search events of the year – small, focused and varied, with presentations from both the largest and smallest players in the world of search, drawn from both industry and academia. This year’s event … More

A search-based suggester for Elasticsearch with security filters

Both Solr and Elasticsearch include suggester components, which can be used to provide search engine users with suggested completions of queries as they type: Query autocomplete has become an expected part of the search experience. Its benefits to the user … More

Elastic acquires Swiftype and broadens its offering to include enterprise search

The news today that Elastic (the company behind the open source Elasticsearch software) has acquired Swiftype will have surprised a few people, even though Elastic has already acquired a good number of other companies. Swiftype have a couple of products … More

It’s not just about technology – training for search managers is vital

A few weeks ago I sat in on a workshop in London at the Taxonomy Boot Camp conference, run by Jeff Fried of BA Insight. I’ve known Jeff for many years from various events and we share some views on … More

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