Who we are

Charlie Hull

Charlie Hull, a founder of Flax, keeps a strategic view on developments in the search industry, and is in demand as a speaker at conferences across the world. Charlie writes and comments regularly on search issues and runs several networking groups. Charlie is the Managing Director of Flax. (more…)

Tom Mortimer

Tom Mortimer, a founder of Flax, has two decades of experience working in search software and has led development of many large, high-performance search systems for clients across the world. Tom oversees all Flax development projects. (more…)

Alan Woodward

Alan Woodward worked for many years at Proquest on a large scale multinode installation of the FAST ESP search engine, and gained skills in managing search applications over hundreds of millions of documents. Alan is a Lucene/Solr Committer. (more…)

Matt Pearce

Matt Pearce worked at the Press Association, leading digital agency netXtra and at Proquest before joining the Flax team, where he has worked on a document management system, upgrading a news search application, indexing ontologies and on product search. (more…)

Chris Dawes

Chris Dawes has over 20 years management and technical experience in high technology industry, and specialises in sales and marketing and strategic planning. (more…)